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From 1 October 2020, Fortitude Legal and Petersons Lawyers joined forces in an exciting collaboration, continuing to provide unrivalled personalised legal representation for those who have suffered personal injuries.

Peter Mackay and Michelle Anderson have joined Tom Burgoyne, Lauren Bond and Jo Butcher at 226 Malop Street, Geelong.

Peter has practised in personal injuries litigation for more than 30 years and is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injuries Law, having had the conduct of significant and leading cases in the personal injuries area of law.

Peter and Michelle are now part of our team, which has been recognised formally by the Law Institute of Victoria, being named Boutique Law Firm of the Year, and Tom being awarded Regional Lawyer of The Year.

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Peter Mackay – Special Counsel
Katalin Blond – Managing Director
Fleur Jackson – Principal Lawyer
Cameron Cowan – Principal Lawyer
Tom Burgoyne – Principal Lawyer
Maria Brooks – Law Clerk