Forced Adoption – Compensation Scheme Announced

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If you have been impacted by forced adoption practices, you may be entitled to bring a common law claim and sue the relevant institution for compensation.

In 2021, the Parliamentary Inquiry into Historical Forced Adoption in Victoria uncovered that thousands of women who gave birth between 1958 to 1984 suffered trauma as a result of forced adoption practices by hospitals and other organisations. Women were often sent to institutions which were run by religious and other bodies. Sadly, many of those women were subjected to abuse as well as cruel and degrading treatment, including being restrained (either by medication, physical force or violence), being separated immediately from their newborn baby, and being coerced into signing consent forms for the adoption of their baby, against their wishes.

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What compensation can I claim?

You may be eligible to claim the following types of compensation for your psychological injuries:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Past loss of earnings and future loss of earning capacity (including superannuation);
  • Past and future medical treatment;
  • Past and future gratuitous care (for example care provided by family or friends);
  • Aggravated or exemplary damages, punishing the individual perpetrator or the institution who failed to protect you.

You may also seek a personal response or an apology from the responsible institution.

Is there a redress scheme?

In March 2022 the Victorian Government announced $4,000,000 of funding to design a redress scheme for mothers impacted by forced adoption. The Government indicated that the scheme will provide compensation, counselling support and the option of integrated birth certificates, listing both the biological and adoptive parents.

On 26 October 2023, the Victorian Government announced a payment of $30,000 to birth mothers affected by forced adoption practices, together with other supports.   The Scheme opened for applications on 1 February 2024.

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What support services are available?

If you have impacted by forced adoption practices, you can contact the following organisations for psychological support:

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